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Christmas Eve was here.  It was a whirlwind of a holiday season to say the least.  We worked right up until the last minute and I almost feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief that we’ve made it.  I’m grateful for another amazing year, the opportunities that came my way and all the wonderful clients I had the chance to work with.  We’ll be closed for a few weeks to enjoy some much needed down time.  For now, I leave you with my girls and this year’s card.  From our hearts to yours, we hope that you have a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year.


Us?  Oh you know, just celebrating the holidays for the last couple of months as we shoot a million sessions.  Ok, so not a million, but some days it feels a bit close.  Between portrait clients and commercial work, the fall is flying by and we’re busy as bees around here.  I thought I’d take a little break to say, I’m alive, I’m here, and is it Christmas yet?!  Even though it’s crazy chaos this time of year, I can’t imagine it any other way.  Little scheduling note, we booked out the 2013 calendar a while back and are now scheduling for February 2014.  The new year will be here before I know it.  Since most of what I’ve been shooting is on reserve for various publications and client holiday cards, gifts and all that goodness, I pulled a session from earlier this year to share.  Sometimes I debate on keeping up this blog since my updates are few and far between.  I don’t even do much in the social media realm since finding the time seems impossible.  But then I wouldn’t have a spot to pop in and say hi and show off little cuties like this.  She was a spunky one who kept me on my toes.  Sometimes those are my favorite kind.

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I had these all ready to post before I left for New York and in the chaos of trying to get things wrapped up before I left, this post didn’t happen.  If this post had gone up on time, it would have gone something like this:

“I’m headed to New York City for a few days and I’m so excited!  Shooting up there has become one of my favorite things.  The weather is gorgeous this time of year, the sites are amazing of course, and there’s plenty to see and do.  Most importantly, I have the most amazing clients there who I just adore.  So sweet and kind and always happy to see me (they know how to make a girl feel good).  I can’t believe I never took the time to share these images as they’re definitely some of my favorites.  Well, not just the images, but the sweet girls in them too!  I’ve photographed them a few times now and they are always such a treat to see.  These are from last year’s session where we did a little of everything.  We started at their apartment where the girls had set up a tea party for me.  They’re from England so tea is a tradition.  After that we headed to Times Square.  In all the time that they’ve lived there, the girls had never been to Times Square.  Guess it’s kind of like all of those who live in Orlando and never go to Disney?  Seeing their faces when we first got there was priceless!  Mom says that their friends and relatives back in the UK love seeing how they live in NYC now so of course we ended with the most New York looking things we could find.  Such a good time!”

So that’s how it would have gone and we’ll just pretend that I posted these before I left, k?  For now, I’m sitting at the airport catching up on work before I leave NYC.  It was another wonderful trip and I got to see and photograph so many wonderful clients.  Those aren’t quite edited yet so I’ll have to share those later, and hopefully not a year from now!  We will definitely be back for more shoots in this great city.  If you’d like to be notified of when I’ll be here next, just send an email to and we’ll keep you in the loop.  I’m off to the beautiful Florida panhandle until the 30th but I’ll be checking in via email and Marissa is in the office if anyone needs anything.  After that it’s the holiday season in full swing!  Till next time….


Occasionally I get a subject in front of me that is so natural for the camera.  It doesn’t always happen because how completely natural is it for you to stand in front of a crazy lady holding a giant camera and act completely natural?  Let me just say, it’s not.  I’m pretty good at talking people’s ears off, telling potty jokes to make the little ones laugh, and making fun of their parents (cause what kid doesn’t laugh at that?).  But sometimes I don’t even need all of that and instead they have me cracking me.  That was the case with these two.  I think my cheeks hurt when we were done from giggling so much.  Love that.


this one cracks me up.


It’s been an amazingly crazy year thus far with client shoots and commercial work.  So busy that I never blog like I should and the beautiful people I meet don’t always get shown off.  I sound a bit like a broken record whenever I post here and lament over not having time to share more.  Then I think about saying that I’m going to change that and promise to post more.  Then realize I’ve said that before and then it’s months before I post again.  Anyone sensing a cycle here?  It’s one of the reasons I’ve never put a facebook page, too many things to keep up with.  Maybe I should just put my assistant in charge of these things.  Too bad I have her busy on other stuff, lol.

But back to 2013.  Right about now I should be posting that holiday booking is in full swing, except that things booked up before I could even make the public announcement.  The mini session info went out Friday for pre-booking and within 24 hrs every spot was claimed between the 5 dates we offered.  We do have a waiting list so if you’d like to be added to it, drop us a line at  Sometimes I’ll throw together an extra date if I find a spot so we’ll go to the wait list if that happens.  We have about 2-3 more spots for full sessions before I declared those closed as well.  If you’re expecting a newborn before the end of the year, contact us asap.  Those are the ones I really feel bad saying no to so please don’t make me do it.  It’s going to be another crazy fall so if you don’t hear from me again for a while, it’s because I’m singing ‘just keep swimming just keep swimming’ and shooting my little heart away.

Since I am here actually posting, I thought I’d share this sweet little couple.  With baby number one on the way, momma was absolutely glowing.  We beat the summer storms and quickly setting sun to capture some beautiful images of them.  Such an honor to be trusted with such important moments in my clients’ lives.


Quite possibly one of my favorite images ever.

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