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The day we left Billings we were headed into Glacier.  That meant a bit of driving which is usually no big deal, except that we had a birthday on board.  Typically we try not to have her birthday land on a driving day but it couldn’t quite be avoided this year.  Luckily she’s my happy girl and goes with the flow.  She woke up to a decorated rv and presents.  And of course our tradition of cupcakes for breakfast.  When it’s your birthday in our house, you can have cupcakes for breakfast.

We did have a beautiful drive in.  I took countless photos from the passengers seat (pardon all the smudges from stuff on the windshield.  Alan constantly cleans it but we do a lot of driving!)

The next day we got up and ventured in to see one of the most amazing parks we’ve ever visited.  We were so excited to see it all!  And then suddenly, we felt like the griswolds.  Come to find out, they’d had a few days of snow dumped on the higher mountains and the main road that goes through the park wasn’t completely open yet.  Last year it didn’t open until mid-July!  Oops.  We decided to make the best of it and started driving the west side to see what we could.  It was beautiful.  The melting snow and glaciers lead to gorgeous lakes.  This is Lake McDonald.  It was carved out by a glacier millions of years ago and is 10 miles long and 472 feet deep.  It’s simply breathtaking.

Daddy began teaching the girls the fine art of rock skipping.  And then they didn’t want to stop.  Everywhere we stopped, rocks must be skipped. (Oh, and if my girls look like they’re wearing the same stuff in all of my posts, it’s because I clearly did not pack enough warm clothes!  I kind of underestimated how long we’d be in the cooler states.  Oops.)

The water was cold and crazy clear.  It had the most beautiful bright blue color from afar and up close, thousands of perfectly colored rocks.  Perfect for skipping of course.

Here you can probably most accurately see the blue color.  Prettier than most oceans.

We did do some hiking in between the rock skipping.  And waterfall viewing.

After we were done on the west side, we went into town for lunch and some go-cart fun for the girls (a belated birthday thing since they were closed the night before on her actual birthday).  We’d planned two days for Glacier but since the main road was closed in the middle (of course where some of the coolest points are), we decided to go ahead and venture all the way down and around the park so we could drive the other half of the road until it’s closed point.

We did some more hiking, more waterfall viewing, and a little scary bridge crossing across the rushing river.  It looks mild here….

The two sides of the park seem so different.  The rocks and mountains were so high.  You can see the teeny tiny car in front of us on the road.

The wind blowing through here would just about knock you off your feet.

I’m still trying to figure out how the guy on his little vespa didn’t blow away (he’s below on the far right side).

And this right there, between the trees, is a glacier.  Well, a glacier mostly still covered in snow but the glacier is under there!  That’s as close as we could get to one with the road being closed.  There’s not much left of the actual glaciers in Glacier Park.  Climate changes have them melting and quickly.  We read on one of the signs that they predict that by 2030 they will be all but gone.  In their wake, they’ve left U shaped valleys, gorgeous lakes and massive carved mountains.

Every corner and every turn had the most amazing and breathtaking views.  I did a lot of shooting from the car window as asking my hubby to stop at every spot would have been impossible.  Plus it was cold, lol!

We were almost back to the campground when we approached an overpass.  We’d gone by it a few times before and kept noticing that there were people pulled over there.  I figured they were just looking at the waterfall.  Well this evening there were even more people.  So of course I made my hubby stop.  I had to be a tourist and see what all the fuss was, right?!  So we peek over and what do we see?  A bunch of little white dots working their way down the mountain, munching on the grass by the water.  In the photo on the left you can just barely make them out.  Mountain goats!  The girls were so excited to see them.  Cute little fellas.

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